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Posted By Maria   January 20th, 2017  Interviews,Photos: Magazine Scans,TV: SS-GB

SS-GB was featured in February’s issue of Empire magazine. You can find the scans with an interview of Sam and the creators and also includes some new pictures. Enjoy!

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Magazine Scans > 2017 > February – Empire Magazine

British actor Sam Riley is hoping his new TV show boosts his chances of playing James Bond.

The English star has teamed up with Bond screenwriting pair Robert Wade and Neal Purvis, who penned Die Another Day, Casino Royal and Spectre, among others, on new BBC drama SS-GB.

It’s the first time the writing duo has worked on the small screen, and Sam relished the chance to play Douglas Archer in the “film noir with Nazis”.

“As my dad put it, people might actually watch something I’m in now,” he smiled to Empire magazine. “Plus I’ve always wanted to play a detective and my ego saw I was in every scene. I’m hoping it will up my odds for playing Bond, too.”

The drama follows Sam’s cop Douglas, who has to decide whether to work with the enemy or join the resistance. It’s set in an alternative reality, where Germany has won World War II and the Nazis and SS control London and Scotland Yard.

“He’s ambiguous. He’s not a Nazi but he thinks there has to be law and order… His neighbours see him driven to work by the Gestapo and didn’t know if they can trust him,” Maleficent actor Sam explained of the role.

“We have Germans playing crucial roles, instead of English actors putting on dodgy accents.”

For writers Robert and Neal, the project offered them a break from Bond.

“We had more freedom than with the Bond films, which are so heavily deconstructed,” Neal said. “It’s great fun having a large canvas to tell a story with twists, turns and subtle plot (shifts).”

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