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Posted By Maria   September 5th, 2015  Movies: Suite Française,Photos: Captures

I have updated the gallery with HQ screencaptures of Sam in the World War II movie Suite Française. He co-starred along Michelle Williams and Ruth Wilson. Check it out!

006.jpg 083.jpg 141.jpg 160.jpg


Posted By Maria   August 18th, 2015  News/Rumors

More great news for Sam. After wrapping ‘Free Fire’, Sam is in talks to star in a World War II movie. Read below for more information.

EXCLUSIVE– Sam Riley is in talks to star in SS:GB, the Len Deighton adaptation that James Bond scribes Neil Purvis and Robert Wade are writing.  No deal has been set yet but this is a plum role in what is fast gearing up to be a prestige project. German director Philipp Kadelbach, who won plaudits and numerous awards including the International Emmy for German World War 2 mini-series Generation War, is attached to direct. The project, which is being exec produced by Sid Gentle’sSally Woodward Gentle and produced by Patrick Schweitzer (Doctor Who), is set up at the BBC.

SS:GB is set in a UK conquered and occupied by Germany during World War II. The title refers to the branch of the Nazi SS that controls Britain.  Detective Superintendent Douglas Archer, a British homicide detective assigned to Scotland Yard, is called in to investigate a murder of a well-dressed man. To his surprise, the case draws the attention of the highest levels of the German government. Archer soon finds himself in the middle of a struggle between powerful forces.  Filming is set to begin in the fall.


Posted By Maria   July 29th, 2015  Interviews,Movies: Suite Française


The Fan Carpet’s Jessen Aroonachellum in association with Acting Hour spoke to Sam Riley for the Home Entertainment release of Suite Française

Can you talk about your character in Suite Française, and where they fit into the story?

Well, it’s set in Nazi occupied France, set in a small village. I play a guy called Benoit Labarie, a French farmer who is lame in one leg, which crippled him which meant he unable and he couldn’t fight on the front. Which torments him because all the other men could go out and fight. He’s stuck working on this farm and he’s married to Madeleine Labarie (Ruth Wilson) who is brilliant. And we get a Nazi officer who flirts with her and tries to provoke me into fighting him. And kinda circles around the main love story between Michelle Williams and Matthias Schoenaerts.

What was it like working with Ruth Wilson, Michelle Williams and Kristen Scott Thomas and rest of the cast?

It was cool. I haven’t seen much of Ruth’s stuff but as soon as we were rehearsing I soon realised she was a top class actress and that always raises your game which is a good thing. Michelle, similarly, we didn’t have many scenes together, but it was a treat to watch her work. That’s how are learn.

When you are in the room with Michelle or Kristin Scott Thomas, you just watch how they talk about how they do their hair in the morning and what they would wear and all the little decision they make and keeping their characters. How the protective of they character is fascinating to watch and watching people is great, it makes you better.

That must inspire you as an actor…

It makes you feel lucky. Yeah, like watching Kristin in Four Wedding and The English Patient, with my Mum and Dad and thinking she a great actress and you having a tea and gossip with her years later. It’s kinda surreal.

How much research did you do and what was it like filming on location?

It was great and working, well in some day we were in van but we were in Belgium and when you were looking at the landscape of this old farm and it was an old war time farm. It really does the work for you. Gives you great preparation. I read a lot about the French resistance. There’s a great film called ‘The Sorrow and the Pity’ and it’s about the Nazi Occupation. Which was banned for a long time in France because it showed you how much coexistence there was. It showed how many people went along with it. The vision is about resistance but a lot of it was the upper classes didn’t want their lives to seem messed around with. If they behave themselves, they kept the Manor House. So they behaved themselves. So, a lot of the time it was the working class or the farmer actually who took up the fight. There was some great stuff about farmers taking up the fight and the middle class did the switch to upper class society to Nazi society without much difficulties and I learn how to ride a motorbike and how to plough a field with a horse. Which was interesting.

It must have been interesting when you were filming those scenes?

Read More

Posted By Maria   July 17th, 2015  Interviews,Movies: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Check out this interview of Sam talking about Lily James and ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’. Thanks Lora for the heads up.

Lily James is best known for playing the demure Lady Rose in Downton Abbey, but her portrayal of Elizabeth Bennet in the upcoming film Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is much less decorous.

The actress will play “the most kickass Elizabeth Bennett we’ve ever seen”, according to her Mr Darcy co-star Sam Riley.

The premise of the film sees the Pride and Prejudice characters transported to an alternative version of Regency era England, where an under-class of zombies threaten to overtake the British establishment.

The Bennet sisters are trained in martial arts to help fight the zombies, but Lily James’ Elizabeth likes to use her fighting expertise to defend herself against her suitor as well.

“There is a scene where my proposal to her goes horribly wrong and we end up having a fight in the drawing room where she attacks me with the letter opener and poker,” Riley said.

“I can speak from experience that she’s pretty lethal.”

In typical Mr Darcy fashion, Riley’s character turns his nose up at the martial arts training the Bennet sisters have been given at a Shaolin temple, which he deems inferior to his own.

“We look down on them because we think Japanese style is probably best,” said Riley. “It’s the equivalent of a public school looking down on a grammar school – and those sorts of things are in the film which are quite good fun.”

Riley, who most recently starred in romantic war drama Suite Francaise, said he thinks audiences will warm to James’ portrayal of the Jane Austen heroine.

“She’s going to be one of the best Elizabeth Bennets, if not the best. She’s certainly the most kickass. She’s got a very natural and unforced charm that I think is perfect for Lizzie Bennet.”

Also starring Matt Smith, Douglas Booth and Game of Thrones’ Lena Headey, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies will be released in the UK on 12 February 2016.

Suite Francaise is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 27 July.


Posted By Maria   July 17th, 2015  Interviews,Movies: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,Videos
Posted By Maria   July 17th, 2015  Movies: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,Photos: Photoshoots

Thanks to the amazing Lora I have added to the gallery the portraits of the ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ cast during the Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego on July 11th. Enjoy!

PPZ_28129.jpg PPZ_28429.jpg PPZ_28829.jpg PPZ_28729.jpg


Posted By Maria   July 15th, 2015  Interviews,Movies: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,Videos
Posted By Maria   July 15th, 2015  News/Rumors

20th Century Fox and director Josh Trank have narrowed down their villain search to four rising stars with accents

Now that 20th Century Fox and director Josh Trank have their “Fantastic Four” in place, they’ve turned their attention to the movie’s villain — Dr. Doom.

Four rising stars remain on the short-list, all of whom have accents and are 30-34 years old. A fifth contender, Jack Huston, was rumored to be up for Dr. Doom several weeks ago, though it’s unclear whether he remains in the mix.

One of them is expected to antagonize superheroes Mr. Fantastic (Miles Teller), the Human Torch (Michael B. Jordan), the Invisible Woman (Kate Mara) and the Thing (Jamie Bell).

20th Century Fox, which declined comment, will release “Fantastic Four” in June 2015.

To find out which actors are being considered for the coveted role, watch the video.


Posted By Maria   July 15th, 2015  Interviews,Movies: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,Videos
Posted By Maria   July 12th, 2015  Movies: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,Photos: Photoshoots
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