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Posted By Maria   October 22nd, 2015  Interviews,News/Rumors,Photos: Magazine Scans,Photos: Photoshoots

Sam and his wife Alexandra Maria Lara are featuring in the October issue of Icon magazine in Germany. I have added to the gallery gorgeous outtakes and a magazine scan of their interview. Sadly, it’s in German so it is difficult to translate. Be sure to check out the pictures and hopefully will update with better quality ones. Enjoy!

EDIT: Below you can find the interview translated in English by the lovely Azra from Riley Keough Network.

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Alexandra Maria Lara and Sam Riley are actors – and also a couple. They present fashion to us, where Germany visibly overcame the division 25 years ago: At the Glienicker bridge, which connects Berlin and Potsdam

The most beautiful about this place is that it once was a place where all these monstrosities happened, and today it is only a scenery for pictures. ———

——— An Englishman meets a German woman while filming in Nottingham. “Control”, the movie about the band Joy Division was the breakthrough for Sam Riley. For Alexandra Maria Lara it was a exciting role – but for the German star it was the begin of her great love. She was the reason why Sam Riley came to Berlin. Since 10 years lives the Brit in the German capital. Whether he misses Great Britain? “I am more than enough there. Just this morning did I come back from filming in Brighton and that’s why I am a little bit tired.” Riley’s sightseeing started with his wife by his side on a simple stroll. “Alexandra was walking beside me with her head down, and I was thinking: Why is she making herself small?” The reason followed shorty – the first ones turned around for the actress, and “one walked into a post”, says Riley in a mixture of German and English. That was the first time when he realized that he had a star by his side. But that’s not how Alexandra Maria Lara sees herself: “What fascinates me about our work is firstly not to be in the spotlight and everything that comes with it. I am mostly excited about the filming, the creative co workers and the time spend on set. But when we are at premieres or events, it is always fun to meet friends.”

To have fun. The keyword. Also if it is about fashion. Alexandra Maria Lara is all in in most things, but with one thing she is strictly: “For me fashion also has something to do with identity. If you are feeling comfortable in your clothes, you also can wear them confidently.” You could say: Alexandra Maria Lara is precise, not only about what regards her career. Even for the selection of her wardrobe is she the one who decides, if the to be photographed dress, suites her. A Prada outfit made of heavy Bouclé exerts a strong power of attraction toward her. Wearing it, the two piece (skirt and top) fails: “I think we don’t belong together!”

Sam Riley outs himself as a suit lover – his wife is thrilled about him in the Burberry-Trenchcoat above his Slimline suit. Whether on which location, the cameras love both of them.

Would be a modeling career an option for you?

Both laughing. One assumes that a Brit gets irony. With Germans itself pre-supposes a lack of humour. “And I am the one who sometimes likes to tell bad jokes”, says Alexandra Maria Lara grinning in a pile of outfits. Prada, Hermès – huge brands.

How do you see it with luxury?

After all the small family has a car out of the upper price segment. “We are thrilled with our Jaguar Sportbrake, it is the ideal family car for us … and what means not glamorous here?”, says Alexandra Maria Lara and plays a bit the outraged. What can we say? In the haute couture robe by Elie Saab is Alexandra Maria Lara a hundred percent Hollywood. Arrived at ‚Wirtshaus Moorlake‘ enjoys the couple the break. And to be together: “Tomorrow I am flying to South Africa for filming, Sam to Brighton.” Wait? There was also the addition to the family? Because Ben is always with his mother, there must be some helpful souls that help Alexandra Maria Lara. “As long as he has not to go to school, I try to spend time as much as possible”, she says. Sam Riley has to go. Off the forest path to the plane. To his homeland – without the suit. “I am more casual”, he claims. That casual that his Jil Sander cashmere sweater becomes a fondle object. With the Zegna suit between fingers: “Material, good material is tempting – how to you say it? – verlockend (alluring).” The favourite piece of the couple is a leather jacket of Hermès. The end of the love story is at the border. A last picture with the beautiful woman, who is a jury in Cannes, developed the roles, nimbly as in ‚Rubbeldiekatz‘, intense as the ‚Suite Française‘, which starts on November 19th. The couple Riley-Lara will be seen together in a movie again. A story of the second World War in France. As a bridge between French and Germans, a piano plays a role . The best is yet when borders disappear.


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