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Posted By Maria   March 24th, 2017  Interviews,Movies: Free Fire,Videos
Posted By Maria   March 4th, 2017  Interviews,Movies: Free Fire

Sam Riley says the cast of ‘Free Fire’ were “deafened” by the gunfire on set.

The 37-year-old actor stars in Ben Wheatley’s upcoming action film ‘Free Fire’ alongside Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy and Noah Taylor and he admits the various shoot-out scenes left the cast with ringing in their ears.

In an interview with Metro newspaper, Riley said: “It was a filthy environment … The whole film is more or less a shoot-out in a warehouse. Plus we were all deaf by the end of it.

Set in Boston in 1978, ‘Free Fire’ sees two gangs arrange to meet up in a deserted warehouse but their attempts at conducting an arms deal descend in a gunfight that takes place over one night.

Riley can currently be seen in new BBC drama series ‘SS-GB’ which is set in the UK in 1941 in an alternative reality in which the Nazis win the Battle of Britain and have an occupying force in the country.

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Posted By Maria   February 25th, 2017  Interviews,TV: SS-GB,Videos
Posted By Maria   February 19th, 2017  Interviews,Photos: Production Stills,TV: SS-GB

I have added to the gallery some new production stills of ‘SS-GB’ also you can read below an interview of Sam with BBC. Enjoy!

008.jpg 009.jpg 010.jpg

TV Productions > SS-GB > Production Stills

Can you please outline your character for us?

Archer is ambiguous. He has an important job and can speak German. He’s looked on favourably by the Germans. He’s a totem for them. Before the war, he caught a serial killer and got the nickname Archer of the Yard. But he is unsure about his role now.

He is not a Nazi, but neither is he willing to join The Resistance. He’s happy to keep his job. He thinks that there has to be law and order or things will fall apart. If he’s not there to do it, then who will? His neighbours see him picked up for work by the SS and are suspicious. I think that’s a really interesting place to start a drama.

He has a young son. It’s very easy for people who don’t have children to resist the Occupation. But once you have a child – which I do in real life – it makes you ask whether you’d stick your neck out, or whether you would make sure your children are safe and hope it all blows over.

Why else do you think Archer is an ambiguous character?

Because nothing is black-and-white in this situation. I played a member of the French Resistance once. To research that I watched a documentary called The Sorrow And The Pity about the Nazi Occupation of France. They banned it in France for many years because it went against the public perception that everyone in the Resistance was heroic, which wasn’t the case.

A lot of Europe at the time was anti-Semitic. And many people who were occupied thought that if the Germans weren’t going to upset their life, they didn’t want to rock the boat. So Archer starts out being cocky, and then the noose tightens and the pressure is ramped up. His journey should make for a very exciting watch.

Can you explain Archer’s relationship with Barbara?

She is a mysterious character. London has become a very drab town. With rationing, everyone is having to make do. Then this glamorous platinum blonde bombshell appears near the scene of the crime. She ingratiates herself with Archer, which he is not unhappy about.

What’s interesting about the relationship is that Archer is not sure what Barbara’s motives are – whether she has genuine affection for him, or whether she is linked with the Americans or Germans.


Posted By Maria   February 19th, 2017  Interviews

Sam shared with The Guardian his 7 cultural highlights from UK and Germany. Check them out!

Born in West Yorkshire and currently living in Berlin, Riley next stars in the miniseries SS-GB, a dystopian look at what Britain would be like if the Nazis had invaded Britain. It begins at 9pm tonight on BBC1.

Richard III at Schaubühne, Berlin

Thomas Ostermeier directs William Shakespeare’s Richard III for Schaubuhne Berlin, starring Lars Eidinger in the title role.

Lars Eidinger, who plays one of the SS in the show, has been playing both Hamlet and Richard III with this Berlin-based theatre company and he is one of the most extraordinary stage actors working today. He deserves to have a wider audience. I’ve seen both plays, and I think Richard III [at the Barbican, London] is my favourite. He’s a force of nature, there’s no holds barred. He’s quite frightening to watch and he has a reputation in Germany that made me a bit nervous to work with him, but in real life he’s very funny.



Bologna by Wanda

Lukas Hasitschka, Manuel Christoph Poppe, Christian Hummer, Reinhold Weber and Michael Marco Fitzthum of Austrian band Wanda. Reeperbahn, Hamburg, 24 September 2015.

Since my band got dropped, 11 years ago or so, I find it difficult to watch groups because I’m always incredibly jealous of their success. I always wish I was on the stage singing instead, though I wouldn’t do as good a job as half the people I see. I wasn’t wholly convinced that the middle Europeans were that capable of rock’n’roll, but this is an Austrian rock band who are great fun to watch. The singer’s a real livewire and a boozehound, which is exactly what I like from my frontmen. Bologna, which is about dancing with your cousin, is my favourite song by them. I like it because it’s got a great riff, it’s old-school rock’n’roll and it’s slightly cheeky.


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Posted By Maria   February 17th, 2017  Interviews,Photos: Photoshoots,TV: SS-GB

Sam gave an insightful interview to Telegraph and he talked about ‘SS-GB’, stardom and many more. Read the interview below and also check the new portraits out. Enjoy!

002.jpg 001.jpg

Photoshoots > Photoshoots 2017 > Telegraph

Ten years ago, Sam Riley was destined for stardom. His acting debut in the critically acclaimed film Control, in which he played troubled musician Ian Curtis, should by all accounts have seen him promptly moulded into another Hiddleston-cum-Hardy leading man, cast in every period drama and spy thriller going.

He was set to become a household name, even tipped at one point as a contender to be the next Bond.

But when Riley makes his star turn in the BBC’s new World War II drama SS-GB on Sunday – a historical reimagining in which the Nazis have won the war and occupied Britain – it will be the first time many people will have seen him in a leading role since the 2007 Joy Division biopic.

So what happened?

It would appear that the bang with which Riley’s career started was enough to scare him off. His “extraordinary” talent, as one reviewer wrote of his portrayal of Curtis, “transcend[ed] mimicry”. But for Riley’s part, dealing with the buzz of Control premiering at Cannes, its glut of award nominations and journalists going wild for the film became too much to handle.

“My wife [German actress Alexandra Maria Lara, who starred opposite him in the film] said the night after the premiere: ‘I’ve been working in this business for 15 years and haven’t had that moment.

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Posted By Maria   February 2nd, 2017  Interviews,TV: SS-GB

The BBC show features Buckingham Palace after being bombed by the Germans and swastika flags hanging outside.

Bosses have turned Len Deighton’s alternative history novel into a five-part serial.

It is set in 1941 and shows what UK life would have been like if the Germans had won World War Two and occupied us.

But scriptwriters have added some spice that wasn’t in the original book.

Lead Sam Riley – who plays Scotland Yard detective Doug Archer probing a black market murder – has a “Poldark moment”.

Viewers will see him with his top off, although he jokes: “I was determined not to have a six pack!”

Scriptwriter Neal Purvis said the drama will include bedroom scenes between Riley and his sexy co-star Kate Bosworth, who plays US journalist Barbara Barga.

He added: “We don’t shy away from the fact that they have a relationship.”

Kate laughed: “We called our director ‘The Horny Hun’.”

One of the most shocking scenes will be footage of The Queen’s residence Buck House after it has been bombed. Striking Draped outside the Palace are two large SS flags emblazoned with swastikas.

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Posted By Maria   February 1st, 2017  Interviews,TV: SS-GB,Videos
Posted By Maria   January 20th, 2017  Interviews,Photos: Magazine Scans,TV: SS-GB

SS-GB was featured in February’s issue of Empire magazine. You can find the scans with an interview of Sam and the creators and also includes some new pictures. Enjoy!

thumb_001.jpg (128×150) thumb_002.jpg (128×150)

Magazine Scans > 2017 > February – Empire Magazine

British actor Sam Riley is hoping his new TV show boosts his chances of playing James Bond.

The English star has teamed up with Bond screenwriting pair Robert Wade and Neal Purvis, who penned Die Another Day, Casino Royal and Spectre, among others, on new BBC drama SS-GB.

It’s the first time the writing duo has worked on the small screen, and Sam relished the chance to play Douglas Archer in the “film noir with Nazis”.

“As my dad put it, people might actually watch something I’m in now,” he smiled to Empire magazine. “Plus I’ve always wanted to play a detective and my ego saw I was in every scene. I’m hoping it will up my odds for playing Bond, too.”

The drama follows Sam’s cop Douglas, who has to decide whether to work with the enemy or join the resistance. It’s set in an alternative reality, where Germany has won World War II and the Nazis and SS control London and Scotland Yard.

“He’s ambiguous. He’s not a Nazi but he thinks there has to be law and order… His neighbours see him driven to work by the Gestapo and didn’t know if they can trust him,” Maleficent actor Sam explained of the role.

“We have Germans playing crucial roles, instead of English actors putting on dodgy accents.”

For writers Robert and Neal, the project offered them a break from Bond.

“We had more freedom than with the Bond films, which are so heavily deconstructed,” Neal said. “It’s great fun having a large canvas to tell a story with twists, turns and subtle plot (shifts).”

Posted By Maria   June 13th, 2016  Interviews,Movies: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,Videos
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